Projects in Progress

Featured Project

Nero's Bedsheet
(2007, Novel, waiting)

"While Emperor Nero slumbers the deep sleep of an unredeemable tyrant, the furies slowly lumber their way up the stairs to his room to claim him for their own. Nero's little household gods—the Lares—scramble to escape the ensuing confrontation. In a fit of panic, one small Lare breaks Nero's elaborate water clock, an error that not only stops the furies but time itself. While the furies work to develop a new an dangerous method to enact justice in a timeless world, the Lare searches desperately for a way to re-start time—a quest that leads him to the monotonous and oddly bright fields of paradise, the sharp lava-forged towers of the underworld, and the soggiest tea party ever to sport a scone."


The following is a list of poetry and fiction projects currently underway. Projects can either be in the creation process (in progress), cleaning or waiting for edit (waiting), undergoing editing and revision (in edit), out looking for homes in the world (ready/submitted), or forthcoming.

Collections of Poetry in Progress or Edit:

West Coast Slide (chapbook)
The Day the Traffic Lights Went Dead

Novel-Length Fiction in Progress or Edit:

Pomegranate and the Whale
Nero's Bedsheet
The Problem With Forever
Climbing Dennett's Tower