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(2004, Novel, waiting)

“Ever wondered where ideas go when they die? An existential tale of a city on the brink of oblivion, secluded from the conscious mind of society, where ideas have one last chance at redemption before sliding under the murky waters of eternal obscurity. A dark look at obsolescence and its relation to the soon-to-be-upturned life of a poor soul named Melvin.”


The following is a list of poetry and fiction projects currently underway. Projects can either be in the creation process (in progress), cleaning or waiting for edit (waiting), undergoing editing and revision (in edit), out looking for homes in the world (ready/submitted), or forthcoming.

Collections of Poetry in Progress or Edit:

West Coast Slide (chapbook)
The Day the Traffic Lights Went Dead

Novel-Length Fiction in Progress or Edit:

Pomegranate and the Whale
Nero's Bedsheet
The Problem With Forever
Climbing Dennett's Tower