Projects in Progress

Featured Project

Climbing Dennett’s Tower
(2005, Novel, waiting)

“Two highly evolved beings make a lethal bet on the nature of their own creation and set out to prove their views the only way they know how: the creation of an elaborate tower capable of simulating the very origins of life itself. One by one their projects begin to fail, and both gamblers secretly toy with the internal workings of their game to swing the odds in their favour—a practice that nearly brings their entire project crashing down around them.”


The following is a list of poetry and fiction projects currently underway. Projects can either be in the creation process (in progress), cleaning or waiting for edit (waiting), undergoing editing and revision (in edit), out looking for homes in the world (ready/submitted), or forthcoming.

Collections of Poetry in Progress or Edit:

West Coast Slide (chapbook)
The Day the Traffic Lights Went Dead

Novel-Length Fiction in Progress or Edit:

Pomegranate and the Whale
Nero's Bedsheet
The Problem With Forever
Climbing Dennett's Tower